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Aurigin (formerly BankerBay) has launched its latest feature, the M&A vault that will give our paid subscribers accesses to 400+ live M&A listings across the globe, with specific search functionality and direct access to interested parties.

As the post-crisis economy begins to stand on its two feet, companies are increasingly looking to consolidate, acquire or merge their businesses. With a host of transactions waiting to kick off in the second quarter, deal value in M&A has already touched $1 trillion for 2015, with a projected $3.7 trillion worth of more deals coming this year. This will be second only to 2007, where all M&A surpassed the $4 trillion mark.

Market analysts and trade watchers are predicting M&A to gain momentum in 2015 due to reasons like rising competition and pressure to outperform amongst financial buyers and strategic acquirers looking for accelerated expansion opportunities where cash on balance sheets has been accumulating and debt remains cheap. As compared to 2014 where M&A deals remained mostly confined to discussions, 2015 has witnessed M&A action in telecoms, media, and technology and healthcare sectors, with other sectors anticipated to join in the race. It’s being said that global M&A activity will increase by at least 20% in 2015, with the US leading the way.

According to Swiss banking giant UBS, markets are now experiencing a multi-year boom, driven by search for growth, reinforced by favourable liquidity. M&A is seeing a rapid rise in the face of limited organic revenue expansion opportunities and as an attractive source of risk-adjusted growth. You can see more about this [here].

Keeping this in mind, Aurigin has launched its latest feature, the M&A vault that will give our paid subscribers accesses to 400+ live M&A  listings across the globe, with specific search functionality  and  direct access to interested parties. These live, verified, institutional quality deals on  Aurigin  are dynamic and ever increasing, which will offer immense opportunities for cross-border action to our subscribers. Our new vault will offer minimum intervention and maximise a user’s power towards an M&A deal process, where they, besides being able to access deals directly, can engage in direct contact and messaging with interested parties and search deals which are geography and sector specific. What this means is that it will let investors target focussed geographies and sectors and filter deals according to absolute specifications. The M&A vault will also act as a business development tool, as investors will have absolute direct access to deal promoters. If you haven’t already checked our new M&A Vault, you can do it [here].

Aurigin—now making M&A happen at the click of a button.

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